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Exclusive Aviation & Aerospace Talent Partner

Welcome to our Aviation and Aerospace Talent Division, a showcase of our unwavering expertise across a diverse range of services. With a storied legacy spanning three decades in the industry, we have firmly established ourselves as pioneers in aviation talent management. Our multifaceted capabilities encompass permanent recruitment, contracting, consultancy, and rapid deployment services, tailored for Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations and emergency repairs. Additionally, we extend our support to MRO and Manufacturing companies, offering exclusive solutions under the guidance of a seasoned team with extensive experience in aviation and aerospace.

Our differentiating feature resides in our rapid, solutions-oriented approach. We excel at swiftly identifying internal challenges and formulating highly effective strategies to surmount them. This exceptional skill has been honed through years of close collaboration with esteemed industry giants such as Bombardier, Boeing, Airbus, and MHI, in addition to numerous manufacturing and Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) entities across North America and the global stage.

What truly distinguishes us is the composition of our team. Our consultants bring not only comprehensive industry-wide expertise but also hands-on technical knowledge gained from direct involvement with the very aircraft types you handle. This profound understanding of AOG, MRO, and manufacturing intricacies, coupled with established relationships, provides us with an unparalleled advantage. This unique blend of technical proficiency and industry insight serves as the cornerstone of the value we deliver to both your organization and our esteemed partners.

In an ever-evolving sector, having a partner who comprehends the dynamic landscape, understands the nuances of your market, and empathizes with the specific demands of your industry is invaluable. We bring this level of insight to every partnership, whether you are a local community-based business or operate on an international scale. Our insights consistently remain relevant and effective, adapting to your unique needs and challenges.

As your dedicated aviation talent partner, we eagerly anticipate delivering results rooted in a potent fusion of experience, robust relationships, and unparalleled industry knowledge. Your success is our success, and we are thrilled to continue providing top-tier solutions to fulfill your talent requirements.




Licensed Mechanics 



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Aerospace & Defence

Project Engineers

Design Engineers

Thermodynamics Engineers

Manufacturing Engineers 

Development Engineers

Instrumentation Engineers

Structural Engineers

Electrical Engineers

Avionics Engineering
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Repairs & Overhauls

Structural Repair

Avionics Technicians

Sheet Metal Mechanics

Interior Technicians



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Working with commercial, business and defense aircrafts. We have over 30+ Years of manufacturing experience on the floor and in management across the World.

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