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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Technology Solutions

Our Services

Talent Solutions 

Our Talent Community has been established with one goal in mind to help our talent network members and client organizations to ensure the best possible fit at the lowest cost in the industry. Talent acquisition is a top priority for companies in all industries. However, the pain points of dealing with legacy recruiting agencies have resulted in out of control cost and inconsistent results. As a result, many executives continue to struggle with effectively supporting their company's strategic vision with leveraging 3rd parties. At Benelux Tek Group, our innovative approach with the highest calibre talent has effectively provided a great talent solution with great results in a timely and cost-effective manner to Fortune level and $1B+ enterprises across North America.

Data Science Acceleration

Accelerate your greatest value from your data. Improve data methods, leverage cloud computing and automation, and leverage the power of AI for your Machine Learning Operations. Our goal is to create an integrated, central repository for enterprise data and enable easy access to analytic tools. The use of Microsoft and IBM with modern cloud data technology you can automate the AI lifecycle and accelerate time to value with an open, flexible architecture. 

Versatility in Application

Worldwide talent focused on automation, innovation, growth and modernization for your existing and new projects.

Full Customer Experience Service

Walk into 2022 by finding a balance between human experience and Artificial Intelligence. Your traditional sales and marketing touch points from the past would require full Customer Experience (CX) investment to have you yield customer retention and acquisition. After Covid-19, digital impact on your business would require consumer behavioral changes and your focus on this for the years to come.

We Integrate With Your platforms

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